White House Correspondent

  • Fully credentialed. Coverage includes:
    • White House Commission on Human Trafficking 2013
    • White House Cybersecurity Initiatives, including Obama Appointee “Cyberczar” Melissa Hathaway 2009

Harvard Crimson - Cambridge Daily

Boston Globe


  • Samples: Technology-related
    State moving to rework data security law - Boston Business Journal
    The Future of Healthcare IT
    HIPAA becoming a standard for data protection regulations
    What’s in the White House Cyberspace Policy Review you need to know?
    Understanding the risk of penalties for violating data privacy laws
    Prepare for compliance auditors: Tighten access control
    Database logging and privileged access control
    Prepare for compliance auditors: Review policies and standards
    How do you align an IT risk assessment with COBIT controls?
    Harvard Business School Series: Branding and Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs)
    Can unfiltered e-discovery result in violations of data breach laws?
    Samples: Sports-related, correspondent 2010 - present
    World Jr Women’s Squash Championships, CCTV, correspondent 2013
    New England Squash Open 2010
    US Amateur Racquets Tournament, YouTube 2010


Video Production

  • Sarah Cortes YouTube Channel
  • 2016: DNS Frontrunning, Dr. Paul Vixie, DEFCON
  • 2012: Digital Surveillance and Geo-location, Defcon 20, CCTV
    Data Vulnerability Research: How To Hack, CCTV

Sarah in Videos

- 2012: Smart Grid Technology Reveals Your Activities in Your Home: Privacy Panel Raises CyberSecurity Concerns - 2011: Sarah Cortes on NIST SmartGrid Cybersecurity NEU - 2011: Emerge BIP, CCTV


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