• PhD Program, Northeastern University, College of Computing and Information Science: Information Assurance
  • MS Computer Science- Information Security, Boston University 2012
  • AB Harvard University

My areas of research include:

Anonymous Network Communications

  • Jurisdictional Arbitrage in Anonymous Network Communications - submitted for publication 2014


Smart Grid

Data Breaches

  • Testified before various legislative and regulatory bodies on the Massachusetts Data Breach Law, 2009 including the Massachusetts Legislature, and OCABR
  • Consult for organizations regarding Data Breaches and loss estimates for Insurance purposes

Cyberstalking and Cyberstalking Law


  • Supported Putnam Investment’s e-discovery in an IT Security management role when then Attorney General of NY Eliot Spitzer required Putnam Investments to submit to e-discovery during Spitzer’s investigation of parent company Marsh & MacLennan

Seeking researchers for the following projects:

  • Publish landmark cases with interviews. Skills required: online publishing
    • Nicholson v. Scopetta, Lassiter v. DSS