Implementations in the following industries: Financial Services, Defense, Biopharmaceutical, Biotech, Energy, Higher Education and Legal. Fixed Income and Equity Trading, Derivatives, Middle Office, Back Office, Domestic and Global Currency, Cash Management, Investment Analytics, Investment Performance Measurement, Brokerage, Accounting and Fund Accounting, Pricing, Custody, Asset/Liability Management, Finance, HR systems, Inventory management

Regulatory Domain/Legal/Compliance/Control Framework Expertise: Sarbanes-Oxley, COBIT, Securities Act of 1933, Securities Act of 1940, SEC, FDIC, ISEE, Mass Division of Banks, General Privacy Laws, Data Breach Laws, FDA 201 CFR part 11 Federal regulations Control Framework/Audit Expertise: COBIT - ISACA, SSAE- AICPA, NIST 800, ISO/IEC 27000, ITIL, PMBOK, TOGAF, Prince2, US DoD -CMMI SEI, PCI-DSS

Implementations in the following environments or technologies:
Operating Systems: OSX, Solaris, Windows, Unix, Linux, OS/400, VMS, MVS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD Databases: Oracle, Sybase, MS-Sql, DB/2, Access Messaging: MQ, CICS, Outlook-Exchange Server, Notes-Lotus Domino Application-related: Flex, Netbeans IDE, Flash, xml, html, javascript, Ruby, PHP, C++, SQL, MySQL, Scala, Rhino, java, j2ee, CSS, Sql Server,, perl, Weblogic/Websphere, RSS, JSP, SharePoint, Documentum, Peoplesoft, SAP, Siebel CRM, Charles River Trading, EzeCastle, Thomson Financial, Reuters, WebEvents, Trumba, Bloomberg, OaSys, SAP Web-related: REST, SOAP, CORBA, Apache Tomcat, Apache http web server. CMS-Rhythmyx-Percussion, CMS-iNet, Dreamweaver, Adobe CS3 ** Other Security:** Fortify, Sun Identity Management Suite, ACF2, RACF, Custom ACL, pgp Digital Forensics: Cellebrite, FTK, Encase Disaster Recovery: Sungard, Comdisco, IBM, Iron Mountain, EMC SRDF System Development Lifecycle Methodologies: Agile, RUP, SCRUM, Summit-D, MS Project, SDLC