Work Experience


Inman Technology IT

see Professional Services and Consulting: Technology and Business
see Professional Services: Litigation Support/Expert Witness
- Professional Services, for Fortune 500 companies and major Universities
Inman Technology IT
Launched and run IT company providing consulting to Fortune 500 firms. Provide hands-on services in the following areas:
• Compliance, including GDPR, SOX, SSAE, ISO27000, NIST, PCI, GRX, etc. • Privacy • Security Incident Management and Response • Security Operations • Security Engineering • Information Security and Privacy • IT Audit, Compliance • Complex Application Development and Implementation • Disaster Recovery/High Availability • Data Center Operations Management • Program/Project Management • Darknet • Threat Intelligence • Data Breach • Litigation support

Clients include:
∙ Fidelity Management & Research
∙ Fidelity Brokerage Company
∙ Draper Laboratory
∙ Sanofi Genzyme
∙ Biogen Idec ∙ Harvard Law School
∙ Harvard University Information Systems
∙ Boston University
∙ Boston University Medical School, Biomedical Forensic Sciences Department
∙ Venable LLC

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Digital and Multimedia Crime Lab, Oakland, CA

  • Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Digital and Multimedia Crime Lab
  • Digital and Multimedia Evidence Processing
  • Sample tools: Cellebrite, EnCase, FTK, JTAG, chip-off, Keepass
  • Internship as volunteer criminalist while completing PhD
  • Evidence identification, preservation, extraction, and analysis, report preparation
  • Hands-on crime scene processing: evidence and onsite extractions, including CCTV
  • Software validation testing, Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, UFED Digital Forensics tools
  • Criminal cases include financial crimes, skimmers, fraud, homicide, sexual assault, child abuse/CP, robbery, identity theft
  • Examine warrants and ensure legal compliance

Putnam Investments, Boston, MA

Putnam Investments, a subsidiary of Great-West Lifeco, which is controlled by Power Corporation of Canada. Previously a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan
Investment management firm with over $400 billion in assets under management, 79 individual mutual fund offerings, 96 institutional clients, and over seven million shareholders and retirement plan participants.
- Sr Vice President, Enterprise Computing and Communications
- IT Security, Operations, Compliance, SOC, Security Engineering, Security Incident Management and Response, Disaster Recovery/High Availability, Audits & Client Transmissions
- Implemented redundant systems for critical applications, including Transfer Agent, Defined Contributions, Trading, Pricing, Accounting, and web-based portal and applications.
- Supervised implementation of comprehensive Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Bliley IS audit controls and programs
- Developed and implemented multi-platform disaster recovery and site-to-site recovery capability. Supervised multiple recovery tests across all platforms and business areas simultaneously.
- In order to protect company from escalating core systems management software costs by current vendors, utilized in-house resources with IBM consulting resulting in $4M cost avoidance over seven years. Completed conversions in record time (six months), on budget.
- Migrated 4,000 client transmissions for 500+ clients onto secure encryption technology.
- Vice President, Putnam-wide Year 2000 project Responsible for research, analysis, remediation and/or testing of over 1,000 client/server applications, hardware, system SW, and all networks, with rollouts across 7,000 desktops. Coordinated multidisciplinary teams. Developed proprietary tools and methods for locating potential code problems in multiple technologies.
- Vice President, Investment Trading and Analytics Systems

The Boston Company, Boston, MA

A subsidiary of BNY Mellon Bank, a global investments company with $1.6 trillion in assets under management. Previously a subsidiary of Shearson/Lehman/American Express, a financial services conglomerate with brokerge, asset management and investment banking services.
- Sr Vice President, Data Center Operations
SVP and Systems Manager, Data Center Operations
In addition to existing responsibilities, managed Stratus, DEC, DG, Wang platforms, 2,500 nodes on 40 Novell/Pathworks LANs, 5-site Wide Area Network (WAN) of token ring, Ethernet, FDDI, and arcnet, and dial access security. Chair, Technology Standards and Policies Committee. Wrote/implemented LAN Security Policy. Implemented platform consolidation. Interconnected 17 LANs. Centralized LAN management with intelligent hubs and routers.
- Vice President, Disaster Recovery Planning
- AVP, Manager of Mutual Fund System Development and Support
- AVP, Manager, Portfolio Accounting Operations and Services
- Manager of Mutual Fund Performance and Analysis Services
- Management Training Program, Executive Assistant to CEO of The Boston Company and Vice Chairman of Shearson Lehman

Department of Energy, US Federal Government Washington, DC

Sample Consulting Engagements

Boston University, Senior Program Manager consultant
∙ Managed a program portfolio of 19 projects to optimize performance for Blackboard Vista, BU’s Learning Management System (LMS).
∙ Implemented a significant upgrade of Blackboard VISTA from business requirements and project planning to architectural design lifecycle phases and implementation.
∙ Led faculty focus groups for a web-based retail nutrition optimization application and LMS with faculty.
∙ Worked with the Office of Technology Development to bring new products to market and turn research into ventures
∙ Worked with faculty to research and compare LMS options for various schools
∙ Worked with faculty and distance learning administration to integrate curriculum into LMS

Boston University Medical School, Biomedical Forensic Sciences Department, Sr Program Manager consultant
∙ DNA Mixtures- Together with Department Chair, Boston University School of Medicine, Department of Biomedical Forensic Sciences and former Cellmark lab director Dr. Robin Cotton, Catherine Grgicak and other faculty, developed and implemented the nationally recognized DNA Mixtures online tool, with a grant from the US Department of Justice. DNA Mixtures was highlighted in the Executive Office of the President, President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), Report to the President: Forensic Science in Criminal Courts: Ensuring Scientific Validity of Feature-Comparison Methods in 2016. ∙ Led a team of faculty, developers, business owners, IT infrastructure engineers and analysts, testers, and quality analysts to develop and implement a web-based DNA Analysis Learning application.
∙ Utilized Agile development methodologies
∙ Online application takes as input data from forensic DNA labs as well as lesson content, and enables DNA lab technicians and others to learn analysis techniques for complex samples.

Harvard Law School, Senior Program Manager consultant
∙ Worked with Dean and faculty to document requirements
∙ Coordinated a team of 30 faculty, developers, business owners, business analysts, desktop support analysts, IT infrastructure analysts, DBAs, testers, desktop support QA and management to implement web-based University portal and applications including:
∙ Implemented a Faculty Information System (FIS) application supporting faculty, interfacing with over 40 existing University systems and the existing SIS, including functionality for workforce planning and candidate and employee management
∙ Implemented a CMS/Web portal calendar package
∙ Led systems implementation through full lifecycle phases

Harvard University, Senior Program Manager consultant, cybersecurity programs
∙ Negotiated major equipment and service increases for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity on vendor contracts at the same price as university was currently paying.
∙ Implemented automated Disaster Recovery, cutting recovery time, reducing staff time per test
∙ Worked with business units to involve them in the BC/DR process and document business requirements and acceptance criteria
∙ Implemented controls to ensure compliance with audit requirements

As IT Security Senior strategic consultant to the Board for a major defense research and development organization:
∙ Reported directly to Board and Audit Committee
∙ Evaluated all aspects of Information Security operations and engineering
∙ Provided opinion on audit readiness
∙ Made strategic recommendations to Board

As IT Security and Privacy consultant for large biopharmaceuticals company:
Led a team of 20 developers, business owners, business analysts, IT infrastructure analysts, DBAs, testers, and Quality Analysts to implement a web-based Global Biopharmaceutical Clinical Trials application.
∙ Application takes as input data from thousands of patients worldwide daily at 40 locations that are part of clinical trials, updates database and creates views and reports track workflow and status of protocols as a part of determining if new drugs have market potential.
∙ Supervised the significant upgrade of the application through full lifecycle phases
∙ Drafted and reviewed all documents and ensured compliance with FDA 201 CFR part 11 Federal regulations

As a consultant for a major University:

As a consultant for a very large global financial services company:
∙ Led large interdisciplinary teams of up to 50
∙ Rapidly implemented high-impact security capabilities and measures after major security incidents, including upgraded application and database authentication and authorization, custom-developed and package, and transmission encryption
∙ Enabled rapid security improvement turnaround by delivering compliance assessment with 41 security and control policies, including platform configuration, network security, change control, cryptography, firewalls, information architecture, application and database security development
∙ Rapidly implemented database logging across thousands of high-risk databases w/in budget
∙ Ensured closure for hundreds of outstanding audit issues by implementing tools/programs

As IT Security and Privacy consultant at a large global biotech company:
∙ Implemented new Disaster Recovery infrastructure across four worldwide sites
∙ Reported directly to CIO
∙ Analyzed technical and network architecture and business, applications
∙ Developed technical alternatives for high availability or redundant architecture.
∙ Presented capital expenditure to Capital Investment Committee.
∙ Worked with vendors to implement recoverable application configurations.